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 Beatles - Help! (1965) Digitally Restored Version

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PostSubject: Beatles - Help! (1965) Digitally Restored Version   Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:19 pm

Rating: 7.0/10
Runtime: 92min
Language: English
Country: UK
Color: Colour
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0059260/

Director: Richard Lester
John Lennon .... John (as The Beatles)
Paul McCartney .... Paul (as The Beatles)
George Harrison .... George (as The Beatles)
Ringo Starr .... Ringo (as The Beatles)
Leo McKern .... Clang
Eleanor Bron .... Ahme
Victor Spinetti .... Prof. Foot
Roy Kinnear .... Algernon
John Bluthal .... Bhuta
Patrick Cargill .... Superintendent
Alfie Bass .... Doorman
Warren Mitchell .... Abdul
Peter Copley .... Jeweller
Bruce Lacey .... Lawnmower

Description: After the worldwide success of A Hard Day's Night, the Beatles and director Richard Lester reunited for a follow-up film, Eight Arms to Hold You.
Well, that wasn't the final title; a pleading Lennon-McCartney tune provided the catchier handle: Help!
A loose semispoof of the globe-trotting James Bond pictures, Help! has always been considered a somewhat disorganized comedown from its predecessor; but it presents the Beatles even more clearly as the English cousins of the Marx Brothers.
The plot has an Eastern religious cult declaring that the new ring on Ringo's finger is the key element in a human sacrifice; they will stop at nothing to obtain it.
Meanwhile, a mad scientist (crazed Victor Spinetti, who also appeared in A Hard Day's Night and Magical Mystery Tour) believes that if he has the ring, he could--dare we say it?--rule the world.
The songs, including "Ticket to Ride" and "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," are filmed with gleeful ingenuity, in locations such as the Bahamas, an Austrian ski resort, and the Salisbury Plain.
The relentless nonsense becomes nearly the equivalent of a swinging-'60s Alice in Wonderland: for instance, Paul shrinks to the size of a gum wrapper, John fishes a season ticket out of his soup, George wears a top hat on the ski slopes, the lads sing the "Ode to Joy" to a lion.
Oh, and the film is dedicated to Elias Howe, "who in 1846 invented the sewing machine." Brilliant.

As a romp, you can enjoy this 1965 film all on its own, but for hard core Beatles fans it's a must-have document of a particularly fertile moment in the group's history... and the digital restoration, easily the equal of 1999's Yellow Submarine reimagining, brings the experience right up to the present day.

Download Links:

Rar Password: clipper314

DVDRip / FairUse Wizard

Total Size (MB) ....: 1390 MB
Video Length .......: 01:32:11
Video Codec Code ...: XVID
Video Bitrate ......: 1852 KB/s
Resolution .........: 624 x 384
Aspect Ratio .......: 1.62:1
Framerate ..........: 25 FPS
Audio Codec Name ...: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)
Audio Bitrate ......: 256 KB/s (CBR)
Channels ...........: 2 Ch
Sampling Rate ......: 48000 Hz

Samples: (Opens in new window)
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Beatles - Help! (1965) Digitally Restored Version
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